Tlaquepaque is located in the Guadalajara metropolitan area in the State of Jalisco. The city is often referred to as the “Soul of Mexico” and is well known for its quality of clay and its ceramic artists.

Present day Tlaquepaque is still rich with local tradition and art. The city attracts many of Jalisco’s more talented artists, and has a reputation for the quality and diversity of its wares. Many colonial summer homes have been converted into shops, which house vaious crafts and restaurants that serve fine cuisine.

The Sister City relationship between Springfield and Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico was formalized on June 27, 2003. Both cities work with the International Sister Cities Association.

There have been many visits between Springfield and and Springfield. Tlaquepaque, including Sister Cities members and city officials. Other exchanges include Rotary Clubs, high school study tour, initial pairing of Rotary Clubs, youth sport exchanges, and art exhibits from Tlaquepaque, mariachi bands to perform at “ArtsFiesta!”, and university study tours.