COVID-19 messages of hope and friendship

COVID-19 messages of hope and friendship

Sharing COVID-19 messages of hope and friendship between Springfield’s sister cities of Isesaki, Japan and Tlaquepaque, Mexico.

As people around the world face these unprecedented times, it is as important as ever that we come together with cooperation and mutual respect.

We believe world peace starts with each of us – through personal experiences and person-to-person interactions that grow into cultural understanding.

While we can’t provide these opportunities for you in person at this time, we want to share these message of love and friendship sent between the people of Springfield and our sister cities of Tlaquepaque, Mexico and Isesaki, Japan.

From The Shandies to Isesaki

From Uke 66 to Tlaquepaque

From Uke 66 to Isesaki

From Grupo Musical Canela to Springfield

From Scala Instituto de Música to Springfield

From Paco Padilla to Springfield

A Collaboration Between Uke 66 and friends in Isesaki


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