Giving Tuesday Continues: Travel Scholarship Fund
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Giving Tuesday Continues: Travel Scholarship Fund


Springfield Sister Cities Association promotes peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation — one individual, one community at a time.

Sister Cities helps the Springfield community play an essential role in creating a more peaceful world through people-to-people interactions, particularly with Springfield’s sister cities of Tlaquepaque, Mexico and Isesaki, Japan.

The power of personal connections across borders transforms the unknown into cultural understanding.


Sister Cities sends Springfield citizens and culture to our sister cities of Tlaquepaque, Mexico and Isesaki, Japan, and they send their citizens and culture back to us.

While in Springfield, delegates from our sister cities share their culture through activities like presenting at schools, performing at events, and staying with Springfield families.

Springfield citizens can get involved locally by attending events, hosting foreign delegates in their homes, volunteering, and more.

Springfield citizens are also encouraged to get involved by traveling as a delegate to one of our sister cities. Those who have taken a trip to Tlaquepaque or Isesaki will tell you: there is nothing quite like getting out of your comfort zone and being welcomed in a foreign country by more love than you could imagine.


It is as important as ever for young people to embrace unity within diversity, and traveling is one of the most impactful ways to bring that message of love home. Traveling is also very expensive, creating a massive barrier to participation for Springfield’s young citizens.

Sister Cities needs your support to make traveling to our sister cities more accessible for our young people. We believe world peace is a worthy goal, and we believe it begins with people who transcend boundaries.

Your support today – whether it is $5 or $500 – could be the tipping point that allows a young person to take a trip like no other. Forging lifelong friendships in foreign nations is an experience that instills a lifetime of cultural appreciation, planting the seeds for world peace.