Luna Sureste and Paco Padilla’s Bands visit Springfield Public Schools and Universities

Two bands from Tlaquepaque arrived this week to perform at the Botanical Center 1st anniversary concert on October 15. Friday before the concert, they also traveled to schools and universities throughout Springfield — Luna Sureste played dramatic flamenco guitar for Drury University, Fremont Elementary, and Truman Elementary schools. Luna Suresta will perform at Saturday’s October 15 concert at 3 p.m.

Paco Padilla and his band also performed at Drury, plus Field and McBride Elementary Schools. The students at McBride have learned a song Paco wrote titled “Jugnado Limpio” or “Playing Fair” and accompanied him in the school auditorium. Some of the students will also do professional recordings of the song with Paco at Nick Sibley’s studio and at Noble and Associates, and will perform at Nathanael Greene Park during the Botanical concert. Paco, his band, and McBride students will perform at the concert on Saturday, October 15 at 5:15 p.m.

Before returning to Mexico, the two bands will also perform on Monday for students at Pittman, Sherwood, Sequoita, and Bissett Elementary Schools and at Missouri State University Plaster Student Union.

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