Candy Art by Candy Miyuki returns to the Japanese Fall Festival

Candy Art by Candy Miyuki returns to the Japanese Fall Festival

Candy Miyuki is a traditional Japanese candy artist who makes small sculptures of people, animals, flowers, and all sorts of amazing things using a warm soft rice dough, much like taffy.  With skilled hands and small scissors, she can shape almost anything you can imagine.

The original craft of Ame-zaiku dates back over 250 years ago to the Edo era where candy artists were the stars of the street corner entertainment and local folk festivals.

Today there are only 15 candy artists in Japan. Miyuki began her training in 1989 under grandfather, candy master Mr. Kinura, one of the most renowned candy artists in Japan. She is first and only woman to receive training in Japan.

When not traveling to conventions and festivals, Miyuki performs several times at day at the Japan Pavilion of Epcot Center at Walt Disney Resort in Orlando. She has also performed in throughout Japan, in Europ, and has appeared on the Travel Channel and The Rosie O’Donnell show.

This is the second time she will be the Japanese Fall Festival. Check out the amazing candy sculpture gallery on her website and come out to the Japanese Stroll Garden to watch her create original candy art. Miyuki will be performing at the festival all weekend, with periodic breaks.

See the full 2011 Japanese Fall Schedule here.

photo by the City of Springfield