Isesaki Students Welcomed at BBQ in Japanese Stroll Garden

Photos by Russ RuBert –

During their August 2011 visit to Springfield, 22 Isesaki municipal junior high students stayed with host families in Springfield for the first time in four years. At the same time 30 middle school students from Yotsuba Gakuen in Isesaki, Japan stayed at Missouri State University for intensive English Language program. Both students were welcomed at an early evening barbeque at the Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden pavilion, having a good time mingling with the Springfield host families.

The students and host families enjoyed homestyle grilled hamburgers and lots of other good food, including a special “Welcome to Springfield” cake. Welcome speeches were made by the Isesaki academic leader, SSCA board member and Mayor Pro-Tem Bob Stevens, and the Kickapoo/MSU advisor and coordinator Kazumi Holcomb.

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